Drops of Poopiter

Tonight I took my best friend to see Train at the Commodore. Those who know me may have just raised an eyebrow. Train’s not really my scene.  But at one point they epitomized a certain era for me, and the makings of a pretty awesome friendship.

I met Lorna in 1999 on my first day of work at Le Chateau. She was standing on a ladder, which made her seem even taller, and wore a green paisley skirt, horn-rimmed glasses and a short, red, punky hairdo.  I was a mainstream mall girl, with hoop earrings, long curly hair, and brown lip-liner.

Lorna and I became fast friends over my first Christmas at Le Chateau.  She taught me the words to Feed The World (Do They Know it’s Christmas) as we walked home from work. She was a massive music buff. I’d still put money on her in any music quiz (although my sister-in-law Gemma might give her a run for her money.)

Lorna had a car named Nelson, and we’d drive around as she blasted her mix tapes and smoked cigarettes. Second hand smoke didn’t infuriate me back then. Lorna had tattoos and drank like a boy, and as much as she loved music, it didn’t stop us from trawling through her CD collection when it came time to pawn music for beer. We’d go out dancing and mouth the words to all the songs. When creepy boys approached me, she had my back (even if it meant her getting abused in the process.) I couldn’t fight my own battles back then.  That didn’t happen until I moved to England.

Lorna inspired a number of ‘firsts’. First trip to Whistler, first time I smoked pot, first time to purchase a battery operated ‘boy-friend’, and the first time we heart Drops of Jupiter by Train? Well, we loved it. We sat in Nelson and played and rewound and played and rewound until we’d figured out each lyric and had written it out on a scrap piece of paper. It was our song.

Lorna and I haven’t always been together. We relied on snail mail and the odd phone call when I was in the UK. When we moved back to Victoria, she moved to Vancouver. And then last year, I moved to Vancouver too and we were finally in the same city!

Things have changed a little though… Nelson (RIP) has been replaced by a monster of a Pathfinder, and a gorgeous little boy called Parker has taken the place of weekend beers. The mix tapes? Well, they’re on CD now.  I started my tattoo collection and when I had as many as Lorna, I  just kept going.  Who knew I’d live to see the day where I would out-weird Lorna in the style-stakes?

It doesn’t matter who has the short red hair now. We haven’t really changed all that much.  Lorna is still the crazy, caring, generous girl from 1999. And Drops of Jupiter is still our song.


5 Responses to “Drops of Poopiter”

  1. OOOH… nice photo I took of you two at Willows Beach. I do believe that’s a bright turquoise velour tracksuit that you’re wearing!! xo

  2. I sure do love you shit bitch! This made me have a real good giggle, thank-you xxoo.


  4. Aww, this is a really sweet story 🙂

  5. love it! so great to have ladies like that in your life!

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