About Hair by Katie-Rose

Photo of me (Hairbykatierose)

I’m a happily married 30 year old, but everyone I meet thinks I’m 18. I love hair, fashion, lipstick, tattoos, kitties, sushi, red wine, coffee and musicals. I think we’re all here on this earth to learn, grow and evolve.  Everything happens for a reason and is meant to teach us something. I just like to look pretty and have fun while all that learning’s going on!

(Photography By Matty Conrad)


4 Responses to “About Hair by Katie-Rose”

  1. you’re blog is so cute. I’m coming to vancouver to go to a wedding dec. 11. I kinda want one of those updo’s that are kinda loose and all lauren conrad-y. does that make sense? will you try?

    • It depends on my work schedule that day, but I’d love to see and do your hair! And I can try to make it “Lauren Conrad-y” if you’ll promise to be a better conversationalist than The Hills cast during your appointment.

  2. I can’t promise anything. It’s been a long time since we’ve hung out. Hopefully things don’t degenerate. Check with your sched and then shoot me a facebook. xo

  3. Gem Ashenden Says:

    Hey foxy laydee, i have just read your entire blog and am so proud of you!
    you always were creative in every aspect and deep down i think i knew you’d do something like this! carry on and keep it up! x

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