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My Own War on Terror

Posted in Beauty on February 11, 2011 by hairbykatierose

Am I a private person? Not exactly. I don’t air my dirty laundry on Facebook. And I’d never tweet about the interesting poop I had this morning. (I’d probably save it for our next coffee date…)

But some things, regardless of their slightly intimate nature are just so fantastic that you have to let the world know. In detail.

And one of those things, my friends, is my first Brazilian Wax.

You might be asking yourself why at the ripe old age of 30 I’ve only just discovered this mind-blowing procedure. Well, I hate body hair. And I’m a dark-haired girl. I still remember that moment in grade six when one of my peers was kind enough to inform me that I had a mustache. It was right after she’d belittled me for wearing 2nd hand clothes. Well, fuck you little girl. Vintage clothes are cool now. Besides, my mum taught me how to use tweezers that evening after I came home from school – a sad, deflated, fuzzy-lipped eleven year old.

From that day forth, I attacked hair removal with a vengeance and I never looked back. As soon as I noticed body hair, it was gone. Which is why waxing never occurred to me. Growing it out? For an extended period of time? Are you kidding? It would be like grade six all over again!

And then in late 2010 I got all crazy. I informed my husband that I was gonna let IT grow. HER. Downstairs. The basement suite. My lady garden. The garage where Bradford parks his Ferrari. Yup. He’s got a Ferrari. He was understanding as always. I talked up all the exciting perks… “it’ll be like a 70s porno, babe!” and “Maybe you’ll finally let me walk around the house naked when the blinds are up ’cause it’ll look like I’m wearing pants!”

Well, flash forward to early 2011. I hadn’t had a chance over the holidays to book my waxing appointment and the big George W that I’d been cultivating for so many weeks was starting to take over in Little Shop of Horrors fashion.

It. Was. Time.

I sought the advice of my friend and co-worker Jamie Fox. Yes, that’s her name. She sung the praises of her girl in Kits and dissected the service in detail, much to the dismay of our two pretty-boy apprentices who don’t like ANYTHING that has to do with vaginas.

Finally, on a very rainy day in late January, my George W and I went to Dona Lucia Spa on West Broadway to see the legendary Manjeet.

She ushered me into a little room and asked me to get undressed. There was a tiny blue towel on the table, which I gently placed over George W. Just because I was about to have him killed, didn’t mean he didn’t deserve a little respect during his final moments.

Manjeet entered, beaming. She spread my legs, slapped on the wax and… went for it. There’s not much to say about the actual experience because it only seemed to last for twenty seconds. Manjeet kept me talking the entire time, peppering each sentence with a “my dear”. She told me that waxing was her passion. I say, to each their own. I also say, if anyone is gonna be Between my legs in ANY capacity, isn’t it best if they’re passionate about whatever it is they’re doing down there?

Was it painless? No. Does it compare to getting tattooed? He’ll, no. So really, I can’t complain.

Manjeet is the best thing to happen to my vagina this year. In fact, we had such a good time together, I’m kind of surprised she hasn’t called…


Short and Sweet… and a little bit sexy

Posted in Beauty, Fashion on September 24, 2010 by hairbykatierose

I’m a short-haired girl, but I haven’t always been. I hid for years behind long, crunchy curls and Aussie Sprunch Spray was my best friend.  There’s definitely something liberating about feeling the wind on the back of my neck, and finally seeing the shape of my scull after I shaved the sides for the first time was definitely a little emotional.  Tonight after a family dinner with my brother and sister-in-law and my little parentals, the subject of short ladies haircuts came up. I got to thinking about all the gorgeous celebrity women who are either rocking, or have rocked a short haircut.

Emma Watson has come a long way since emerging onto the big screen as the frizzy haired Hermione. (That little witch could have done with a Brazilian Blowout!)

British Supermodel Agyness Deyn could probably make a comb-over look good. Apparently the model has had short hair since she was thirteen, and even shaved her head at one point.

I’ve haven’t seen Carey Mulligan in An Education yet, but if the covers of magazines are anything to go by, she looks absolutely precious. I also loved her 2010 Oscar outfit. (Can we also just take a moment to admire the smokey eyeshadow in the picture below, and how it makes her eye-colour pop?)

Ginnifer Goodwin‘s Big Love show is a little creepy, and she annoyed the hell out of me in He’s Just Not That Into You. Her haircut’s cute though.

Kelly Osbourne changes her hair colour more than my friend Marlee, from hair school. That’s a lot.

This Vogue photoshoot featuring Michelle Williams is one of my favorites. Love love love.

If you can look beautiful with a shaved head, then a cute cropped do isn’t even a question. Just Natalie Portman looking stunning and being smart… again.

Twiggy with her original mod style. And a passion for lashes… not unlike myself.

And Mia Farrow with another classic that just keeps doing the rounds…

And last but not least. The actress that incited this evenings post dinner chit chat. Maura Tierney of News Radio and ER tries out a new look in her show The Whole Truth. My brother thinks it makes her look old. Maybe she’s just getting old? The jury’s out on this one. What do you think?

Eat Some Eye Candy

Posted in Beauty on September 18, 2010 by hairbykatierose

I’ve been blogging every day for 23 days. It’s my birthday in 7 days. That’s a week. Unless you’re a Beatle. Then it’s Eight Days a Week. I’m tired.

The problem… or great thing, about giving oneself a challenge and then broadcasting said challenge on the world wide web is that one really can’t pussy out. Or one could. But then the whole wide world would know one is a pussy, and that would wreak havok on the ol’ self esteem system. Hence why I will complete my 30 day challenge and blog every day until my big 3-0. Even if it kills me.

Today was another long day that started with doing my cousin-in-law’s hair and ended with a long but rewarding photoshoot. Unfortunately, now, I have nothing left in me. When I came home, Christopher was half way thorough Iron Man 2. He tried to catch me up on what I’d missed, but I couldn’t follow. He was all, “Russian Guy this, and Hammer that…” He should have just said “Micky Rourke’s the bad guy.”

I wish he was watching Prince of Persia when I came home instead. Jake Gyllanhaal’s big, wide mouth, smoking body and way of jumping effortlessly from building to building require no explaining.

If only everything in life were as simple.

Child, please!

Posted in Beauty, Fashion, Hair Stylist, Hairbykatierose on September 15, 2010 by hairbykatierose

My hair show/party to celebrate me going onto the floor is next Tuesday. Instead of spending time writing a long post, I’m gonna plan for my event and leave you with this funny little video I found on Youtube. Please don’t try this at home…

Lash But Not Least

Posted in Beauty on September 9, 2010 by hairbykatierose

I just got back from The Tallest Man On Earth show at the Rickshaw. It was totally worth navigating through the East Hastings umm, ‘street community’ to find the venue. I took a little video clip which I’ll upload tomorrow, as well as a longer post about the show.

Right now all I wanna do is go to bed. And the worst part? I’ve gotta remove all my eye make-up. Blerg. I’m starting to resent all this ‘looking-pretty’ malarkey, but let’s face it. I’m just not the kind of girl who’s cut out for ‘au-natural’.

Early this summer I found something that changed my life. LASH EXTENSIONS. I went to Noir Lash Lounge on South Granville and lost my lash virginity to a sweet and talkative Australian who was named Karen and used the word ‘heaps’… well, heaps. I treated myself a few times and gave myself a break before I went to the Okanagan for the August long weekend. (I knew my peepers would be in the lake for most of the time…) I’ve been trying to save money prudently since then. (Who am I kidding? There’s no actual saving going on. Just less spending.) But, I think the universe is trying to push me back in the direction of the Lash Extension… I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately… How much more time I had when I had them. How pretty I felt all the time, even in bed and even when I didn’t put makeup on that day… and how $65 a pop is a pretty good deal when you think that all it normally pays for is a love jug of wine, 5 venti lattes, and two Urban Planet tank tops.

And then the biggest sign of all! (DUN. DUN. DUN……) Noir Lash Lounge is on Facebook/Twitter about to announce their next Collabo and wants to know if any bloggers want in on the action before they officially announce it!

Here it is, in Noir’s words…

Just because it’s getting cooler, doesn’t mean we can’t keep it HOT. So, to make things sweet and simple, we are offering up yet another hot collabo with our fave girls from Bombay Brow Bar. They will be on location at Noir Lash Lounge South Granville on Saturday, Sept. 18th from 1pm to 4pm. Also, to sweeten this already tout suite collabo receive a complimentary gift with every Bombshell Brow Session ($23). This is by appointment only, so call Noir Lash Lounge South Granville at 604-738- LASH (5274) to book ASAP.

Unfortunately I’ll be working that day, but now it’s got me thinking about shaping up these new red eyebrows of mine… How bout you book in and let me know what the gift is?  Until my next appointment, I’m gonna go to bed and dream about eyelashes so long they cause a breeze when I blink…

Longest lashes EVER.

John Ross, you lucky bastard. You just got your own post.

Posted in Beauty on September 2, 2010 by hairbykatierose

I’m not gonna lie. This is the one night since I started my 30 day blogging challenge that I’ve wanted to skip it entirely and roll into bed without brushing my teeth.  I didn’t wear eye makeup today either, so it makes the ‘arriving in bed’ part of the process that much easier. I’m shivering on the sofa, wrapped in Christopher’s cozy hounds-tooth dressing gown. It was a gift from me two Christmas’s ago. He never wears it, which is kind of nice, because it’s always available when I need it.  The evenings are starting to feel like fall and I have a tummy full of frozen yogurt, so me being this chilly shouldn’t be a surprise.

I was met after work by my hubby and a good friend who just moved into town. My friend John Ross, who I affectionately call Beard, makes up with facial hair what he lacks in height. His beard’s so big that when he gets invited to a wedding, the invitation reads ‘John Ross and Beard’.  One time it even read ‘Beard +1’. His beard’s so big that last time he flew, he was asked to purchase a second seat.  Today I found a piece of tree in it.

I’ve got a lot of love for beards. And a lot of love for men who wear them. It’s a known fact that when my husband shaves, I fall just the slightest bit out of love with him. Thankfully for both of us, and this contract we signed a little over a year ago, it grows back quickly. To get to the bottom of my fascination, I decided to write down the reasons for why I prefer hairy over smooth in the lower facial region.

1. MYSTERY – What’s his chin like? Dimple? No dimple? Does he even have a chin?

2. MATURITY – If he can grow hair on his face, I’ll bet you money he can grow it on his balls.

3. MANLINESS – He obviously doesn’t have time to shave in the mornings, meaning he’s most likely, definitely too busy helping old ladies cross streets, rescuing kittens out of trees and making loads of mad money.

4. COMFORT – Stubble burn? What’s that? We can suck face like crazy sans tell-tale Homer-Simpson-esque face rash and the soreness that accompanies it. Sure, you might get the odd whisker stuck between your teeth, but it’s a small price to pay.

5. SELF-ESTEEM – He’s got so much going on around his face that he doesn’t notice when that weird, random hair under my chin pops up every three months.

6. WARMTH – He has a rug on is face. I’m pretty sure I can hog the quilt without feeling guilty.

7. LOVE – I can’t love him without loving the beard. It’s like inheriting an endearing step-child. It comes with the package.

Why do you love beards? Leave your comments and I’ll tell you if I agree!

John Ross, and his beard, are currently single.

Just Fro-get About It

Posted in Beauty on September 1, 2010 by hairbykatierose

Let’s get one thing straight. I have no interest in the NFL. What I refer to as football is a sport in which men (sans pads and shiny leggings) kick a BALL with their FEET. I know. Pretty complicated. I’m sure you’ll be able to wrap your head around it if you try hard enough.

What does interest me is that when I Google ‘hair news’, the first thing to pop up is a story about an NFL player who has insured his hair for 1 million dollars. What intrigues me more is the hair in question. I had to Google-image this ‘Troy Polamalu’ character. Imagine that Anne Shirley‘s best friend, Diana Barry, had another messy night on the the cordial and ended up having regrettable, yet hot unprotected sex with Slash; then she forgot to take Plan B and ended up having Avonlea’s first illegitimate mixed-race child with a ginger Aunt who has anger management issues, (much to the dismay of Mrs. Lynde and Axl Rose), WELL, that there baby would look a lot like this Mr Polamalu.

And if this is hair that warrants a 1 mill insurance policy, I know a few other celebs who might want to jump on the band wagon. (Their Bumble and Bumble Calming Cream is in the mail…)

The man himself. Troy. We're on a first name basis.

The baby daddy.

Coheed and Cambria's Claudio Sanchez.

Steve Bays of Hot Hot Hair... I mean, Heat.

Nurse Carol Hathaway. Such a good woman.