Blogging when I should be packing…

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It’s the day before I leave for the Contessas. Instead of packing, I’m drinking a beer and getting excited about the Mexican food that Christopher’s whipping up in the kitchen. I should probably stop procrastinating, pull my suitcase out of storage and finally admit that I’m getting nervous.


In the meantime, here’s a short video that we put together the night of the John Casablancas Institute Awards Gala…



Contessa Bound!

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I know what you’re thinking.


Katie-Rose blogged every day for 30 days. Then she turned 30 and now she’s too cool to blog. Well, I can assure you, that’s not the case. Maybe I just overdosed a little bit. Yeah… I’ve been de-toxing (and trust me, the shakes you get from a blogging comedown are as bad as they sound.)


I’ve also been extremely busy working. And let me tell you, I love my job. Being a full-time stylist at Rain makes me so ridiculously happy. I feel like I should be the poster girl for Job Loving, or on some late night infomercial for… 1-800-careerfulfilment… I love my job so much I want to throw up in my mouth and swallow it back down again.


Thirty so far has been a charmed year. The cats are happy and healthy, we have a fancy new place in the city and Christopher and I have only had one grocery shopping argument!


I’ve also had some exciting professional successes. I won the Overall Achievement Award of my class last year, and last week I won the Student of the Year award at the John Casablancas Institute 2009/2010 Gala (video blog of that to follow soon.)  I’m 6th place in an ongoing colour competition for L’Oreal and last, but not least, I’m heading to the Contessas on Saturday!


For those non-industry kids who probably don’t know, the Contessas are like the Canadian hair Oscars. Back in the summer when I was still apprenticing I entered the student/apprentice category. I made the semi-finals, and then I made the finals, and now, I’m off to the awards ceremony in Toronto where I may or may not win a Contessa.  If I win, it will be beyond incredible. If I don’t, I’m so stoked to just be in the final five and to get to visit Toronto, that I won’t even be disappointed.  Saying that, ask me how I feel on Sunday night when I’m two glasses of wine in, and all dolled up with a speech shoved down my bra…


Because my photo collection entry for the Contessas has been the best kept secret on facebook for the last five months, I’ve decided to finally unveil them.  Enjoy…


Huge, huge thanks and hugs and tongue kissed go to David Jonathan (photographer), Heather Vince (make-up) Meg McEwan (wardrobe styling) Christopher Bradford (Art Direction) and my stunning models Olivia, Toban and Oksana.

Hello. I am 30.

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I’ll tell you about my birthday tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. I mean, it’s not like I have to.

So long 29 and thank-you for the memories.

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Tomorrow September 25th 2010, at around lunchtime, I will have been on this fine earth for thirty years.  I’ve never turned thirty before.  Well, not in this lifetime anyway.  I don’t have solid proof that I lived to thirty in my past lives, just a strong hunch. I can be wise sometimes. And when I look deep into Frank’s eyes, he knows what I’m thinking.

It’s hard to believe that after tomorrow I will A. definitely not look my age and B. no longer be tied to a nightly blog.  I’m a little sad about the latter.  And a little excited.  I vowed 30 days ago to blog every day until my birthday, and I’ve remained true to my word. It’s been tough at times when I’ve been utterly exhausted, or under the influence… or both. And let’s not even start on my sex life.  But there’s something comforting about flipping open the ‘puter and having a site always remember my password. And I’ve become a little obsessed with checking my stats. I still might do that every night.

So, on the birthday note, and because of my love of lists (Did you know that about me? It verges on the obsessive.) I’ve decided to document this past year’s ‘firsts’. In list form. Of course.


1. First time to get married (and the last, if I have anything to do with it). The next time I spend 10k in one day I better be putting a deposit on a condo.

2. First time to get a kitten WITH somebody. We already had Frank, but he was like Maddox. Brian’s more like the Shiloh of our family. Except he actually is a boy and doesn’t just look like one. And I don’t look like my arms might break at any second.

3. First time to enroll in post-secondary education. I hate being in debt. Unfortunately, you gotta pay to learn stuff. I know. Bullshit.

4. First married Christmas/First non-Christmas. We traded in presents and Turkey for sushi and a ride along the seawall. Tranquil, liberating and above all else, cheap.

5. First time to watch through a window as my beloved cat was cut open on an operating table.

6. First time to max my Visa on a vet bill without a second thought.

7. First time to think I was actually going to lose Frank.

8. First time to realise just how much he meant to me when I didn’t.

9. First 1st Year Wedding Anniversary. It’s fun, this marriage malarkey. I recommend it.

10. First time to the Okanagan…

11. First time to swim in a lake, over my head, at times without a noodle and without drowning. (I’m not a swimmer. In fact, the Doctor said the medical term for me is Sinker. I get it from my dad. It has something to do with our bone density, which may have something to do with our African roots which might also explain the stereotype that a lot of black people can’t swim.) I’m allowed to say that in a blog right? And because I’m 1/16 black?

12. First time to do #11 naked. Yes, that’s right. I’d never been skinny dipping until this summer. Don’t make me explain the whole ‘Sinker’ thing again.

13. First time to go tubing behind a boat, on that lake in the Okanagan (clothed, this time).

14. First time to think I pooped myself while tubing.  I didn’t. Hopefully that will never be a first.

15. First time to compete in a hair competition, and first time to place in the Semi-finals.

16. First time to do hair for a fashion show (and definitely not the last…)

17. First time to see my dad with hair (and not a skin-head) in over eight years. He no longer looks like Ghandi.  Or an assassin.  And his foreheads a bit bigger than the last time he had hair.  But he looks quite sweet.

Thankfully my obsession with lists has nothing to do with the number of things on said list being a nice, round, even number. I think my obsession lies in my desire to complete and check off every item as soon as possible, which makes this list pretty much perfect.  Everything on this list? I’ve completed it! It means that here, tonight, for now, my work is done.

Good night world. When I wake up I will be thirty.

Short and Sweet… and a little bit sexy

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I’m a short-haired girl, but I haven’t always been. I hid for years behind long, crunchy curls and Aussie Sprunch Spray was my best friend.  There’s definitely something liberating about feeling the wind on the back of my neck, and finally seeing the shape of my scull after I shaved the sides for the first time was definitely a little emotional.  Tonight after a family dinner with my brother and sister-in-law and my little parentals, the subject of short ladies haircuts came up. I got to thinking about all the gorgeous celebrity women who are either rocking, or have rocked a short haircut.

Emma Watson has come a long way since emerging onto the big screen as the frizzy haired Hermione. (That little witch could have done with a Brazilian Blowout!)

British Supermodel Agyness Deyn could probably make a comb-over look good. Apparently the model has had short hair since she was thirteen, and even shaved her head at one point.

I’ve haven’t seen Carey Mulligan in An Education yet, but if the covers of magazines are anything to go by, she looks absolutely precious. I also loved her 2010 Oscar outfit. (Can we also just take a moment to admire the smokey eyeshadow in the picture below, and how it makes her eye-colour pop?)

Ginnifer Goodwin‘s Big Love show is a little creepy, and she annoyed the hell out of me in He’s Just Not That Into You. Her haircut’s cute though.

Kelly Osbourne changes her hair colour more than my friend Marlee, from hair school. That’s a lot.

This Vogue photoshoot featuring Michelle Williams is one of my favorites. Love love love.

If you can look beautiful with a shaved head, then a cute cropped do isn’t even a question. Just Natalie Portman looking stunning and being smart… again.

Twiggy with her original mod style. And a passion for lashes… not unlike myself.

And Mia Farrow with another classic that just keeps doing the rounds…

And last but not least. The actress that incited this evenings post dinner chit chat. Maura Tierney of News Radio and ER tries out a new look in her show The Whole Truth. My brother thinks it makes her look old. Maybe she’s just getting old? The jury’s out on this one. What do you think?

The day after…

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I just went back and reread my post from last night. It’s comforting to know I’m capable of stringing together a sentence when I’ve had a few cocktails. I was worried there for a minute.

I’ve spent the day nursing my hangover, answering emails and tweeting. It was important for me to thank everybody that came out to support me last night for my grad party hair show.  Incidentally, the Vampire Cabaret theme went down like a warm bottle of True Blood.

I’ll write a more elaborate post regarding the event once my photographer has finished editing the photos. I can’t wait to share the images with all y’all on the interwebs.

I also can’t wait for tomorrow. My little Mummy and Daddy finally arrive from Victoria for my Birthday visit. I haven’t seen them in over two months and while this may seem like a short while to some, its a painfully long time for me. I’m allowed to be melodramatic. I went years with only long distance phone calls to keep me going, and now that they’re practically within spitting distance, I can’t stand a moment away from them.

So, it’s one sleep until they arrive. And three sleeps until my 30th birthday. And my first day on the floor. My first weekend is booking up nicely but I’d like to be fully booked. To start, I’ll only be on the floor two days a week. If I can book up those two days, then my boss will open my schedule and eventually I’ll be open full-time. This is what we want! If you want to help me book up my days and get on the floor full-time, then come hang out with me at Rain! First timers get $20 off their haircut. (That’s basically 50% off) You also get a complimentary glass of wine or Granville Island beer. Swanky, non?

Don’t worry. I’ll be sober.

What beats Cool Hwhip?

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A really awesome hair show/grad party? Sure. We’ll take that.

It went well. I’ll say that. The details might have to wait. It was a good night, after all.

In the meantime, here’s a tease. Joey Bulman in Vampire Cabaret.